Float : Rooftop Moroccan Lounge

Float is a new Moroccan themed restaurant on Marathalli Outer Ring road​. Being on a rooftop gives it an advantage to a ‘ Hip ‘ place to be in among it’s competitors on the vicinity. Awesome ambiance, with great music, a bar and a rooftop​ view makes it a perfect hangout place. It has a “Fish Spa” too which catches up a lot of attention by the patrons. 

I visited the place with couple of my foodie friends few weeks back and had a great time hanging out, drinking, eating, experiencing Hookah and not to forget the crazy fun in the Fish Spa. Here is my take on the place about the drinks and food that they had to offer us.


Mango Madness: A mango infused mocktail with cream and grenadine, perfect for Summers. 

Orange Virgin Mojito: Such a light refreshing drink, nothing more to explain about it. 

Flying Kiwi Mocktail: A colourful layered mocktail with kiwi, litchi and lemonade. A little too sweet for my taste.

Pinky & the Brain: A mocktail with guava juice, cranberry juice and spiced lemon mix. This was more to my liking cause of it’s slight spicy twist.


Love You Like a Woman: A vodka and white wine based drink with a dash of cranberry syrup and peach schnapps. A sweet cocktail. 

Black and White Martini: A vodka based drink with caramel, cream and dark chocolate. It was like falling in love with chocolate. 

Scotch Float: A scotch whiskey based drink with red wine, pineapple juice and sweet and sour syrup. This is a drink which I really liked​. 

Bar Man’s Signature: This was by far one of my favorite drink there, tequila, Chillies, ginger and Indian herbs. A spicy cocktail just as I like them to be.

Dirty Martini: Nothing more to explain here, it’s a classic one with Olives, and every woman’s favorite. 

Fiery Tower: The famous flaming tour of cocktails, a Bar Man’s Special. The whole act was mesmerizing. 

Chilli Chocolate Bar Man’s Special: A drink with Gin, Dark chocolate and green chillies. This was one which I loved as I prefer my drink to be hot and spicy.

Fire Bull: Drink with tequila, red bull lemon juice and Tabasco sauce, went well with the starters.


Rasagulla Shot: A flame shot for those who love their alcohol and desserts together. Spongy rasagulla with Bacardi and Brandy. 

Three Eye: A flaming shot with three layers, blue curacao, litchi and whiskey. 

Bubble Gum Shot: This was one light pink color shot loved by people with a sweet tooth. Fresh bubble Gum with vodka.

Hajmola shot: This was something which I never tried earlier. It had Gin, blue curacao and amchur masala ( dry mango powder ). A perfect “Chatpata” shot. Though I requested the mixologist to not add blue curacao for me, instead added some lime juice for that extra tangy kick. 

Let’s talk about food now, they have an amazing collection of finger food and a very Innovative mains to offer. Some of the combination are really amazing and they have twisted some old chakhnas what we use to have during college time ( due to lack of funds😜😜 ), and turned them into legit finger food according to youth’s liking. 


Feta VS Watermelon: A perfect starter for the heat in Bangalore. Cubes of watermelon on the bed of rocket lettuce, some herbs, balsamic dressing and a generous helping Feta cheese.

SnowFall Nachos: Crispy Nachos with so.e Mexican salsa on top with Mozzarella dust. A perfect snack with the booze.

Melted Chips: This is the twist I was talking about earlier. Turning plain salted potato chips into something amazing. Chips loaded with Mexican salsa cheese. It just melted in my mouth. My favorite veg starter for sure. A must try.

Jumping Cheese Balls: Cheese Balls coated with batter and fried till crisp. A melting delight in the mouth.

Paneer Crackers: Paneer mixed with herbs and onion then coated with batter and deep fried. A favorite among the vegetarians.

Crispy Corn Pepper: This crispy corn was just right and loved by all. We liked it so much that we ordered ourselves a second helping.

Tarragon Tart: Crispy colourful tarts with Mexican salsa and topped with sour cream, a perfect non messy finger food, and our group loved it.

Onion Fantasy: The good old onion rings, nothing more to say on this but to just enjoy it.

Rainbow Bite: Cute, small, colourful sliders with veg Patty inside. It’s there signature mini burgers. 

Exotic Veg Pizza: A thin crust pizza with exotic veggies and corn loaded with cheese.

Hot Bird in the Nest: Crisp fried chicken tossed in hot chilli soya and served on deep-fried noodle basket. 

Chicken Tangdi Kabab: The good old Tangdi Kabab enjoyed with beer. I felt that it could use some more marination. 

Mutton Seekh kabab: This is again a trusted Mutton starter and loved by every non vegetarian. Succulent kababs with perfect spicing.

Tempura Prawns: Nothing can go wrong if you have prawns with your drinks. My favorite and trust me, I had five😂😂. Crispy batter fried prawns goes perfectly with any drinks enjoyed mostly with beer. 

Toro Mexican: This was a filing starter and a must try in Float. Mexican chicken preparation with Indian spices and cheese filled in between pita breads and toasted. They have a paneer one too if you want a vegetarian option.

Boundary Batted Chicken Wings: A perfect snack, hot and tangy chicken lollies, batter fried and tossed with sauce.

Chicken Tikka Pizza: Thin crust pizza with a tandoori chicken tikka bits, Indian spices and cheese.


Paneer Tikka Biryani: This is something I’ve never tried earlier, buttery paneer Tikka gravy in served in between dum biryani.

Spaghetti Dal Makhni: If you take twist to new level then this is the dish for you. I was amazed that my absolute favorite Dal Makhni was served with spaghetti. To my surprise, the dish was delish. A must try for the vegetarian out there, you’ll not regret it.

Butter Chicken Biryani: The quintessential butter chicken, soft and succulent boneless chicken with buttery gravy to be served with the dum biryani rice took the concept of fusion to the next level. 

Canadian Chicken: Boneless chicken breast cooked in creamy paprika sauce and served with steamed basmati rice. An absolute favorite among our group.

Penne chicken Basil Pesto: Penne pasta tossed in a basil pesto sauce with strips of herbed chicken served with toasted bread. A perfect choice for pesto lovers.

Chicken Piccata: Crumb fried chicken breast served on a bed of penne pasta tossed with extra virgin olive oil and Italian herbs and some cheesey creamy sauce on the top. This one was again my favorite.


An array of desserts were served to us. With all of us being ardent dessert lovers, it was the moment we were looking forward to. To name the few, there was Tiramisu, Strawberry Chocolate Mousse, Choco Leave Cake, and one of my favorite Pan Panna cotta with Rose infusion. Various pastries and chocolate brownie.
My overall experience was great. The service was commandable. Kudos to the executive chef and the mixologist for creating magic with food and drinks. A fun evening with great friends and good food, amazing drinks to keep you going, what else do you need on a weekend. They have a valet parking, which is useful. A quick trip: the place is packed during the weekend so an advance reservation would be advisable. 

A very best of luck to the whole team and looking forward to such great evening here again.


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