FireHouse – Bar & Kitchen… An evening to remember..

Located at HBR layout, min road- it is a very underrated place. The visibility of the place is the only loophole of this joint, as the food, the ambiance and shots are top notch.


The place gives out a vibe of a very ‘Irish Pub’, polished wooden tables and chairs, open brick walls as well as wooden plank walls with catchy posters will give a feel of a very rustic and posh Irish pub at the same time.  It has two floors, ground floor  is a no smoking floor more of a family sitting area. 1st floor is the one with the bar where the mixologist create magic behind the counter. Smoking is allowed here. They have a DJ who plays some food numbers to uplift everyone’s mood. This place is a kids friendly and have an awesome kids menu which every kid will definitely enjoy..


Couple of foodie friends and me decided to check out the place few weeks back. We began from ordering ourselves some mocktails and cocktails first.


Spiced Guava: This was a spicy thick guava smoothie textured drink. Decorated with green olives, this was a drink with lot of pepper. Please take caution before drinking as the pepper can make it little difficult to drink it suddenly. But if taken slowly it might surprise you.

Spicy Apple: It was a spicy mocktail again but not the thick texture. Blue curacao was used at the base of the drink for a dramatic look. With some Tabasco sauce it was hot drink to handle.


Millionaire: A whiskey based drink with fresh watermelon juice is sure a perfect drink for the Summers.

Lipstick Jungle: This was a visually beautiful as well tasted nice too. Served in a martini glass the colours of the flavored syrups worked it’s visual magic. A vodka based drink with green apple flavoring was indeed a treat.

After 5 AM in the morning: This is a vodka and tequila based drink. It had quite a punch, so caution for the light headed, It might be a little strong than u can take. It had pineapple and cranberry juice in it.

Smooch of Fire House: True to its name, this is vodka based drink served in a margarita glasses with pomegranate syrup with watermelon juice. Beautiful play of colours..

Jalopenoe Spice Cocktail: This was a specially created drink by my request, a vodka based drink with a spicy and tangy amalgamation of jalopenoe. I loved it as I love my drinks to a spicy side.

Then came the mind boggling shot curated by the mixologist.

Brain Damage:  A shooter with vodka and monin syrup carefully layred with Kahlua and then again a small pour of syrup to create a visual magic, literally as a screwed up brain would look like.😂

Layer Shot: This shooter was amazing, layers of Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Whiskey and colourful flavoring syrups for visual effects. Though I took my shot without the syrup as I do not like anything which is too sweet. It was a pretty shot.

Coming to the food, we experimented with lot of starters, main course dishes, pizza and desserts. The starters aka the finger food is exceptional. I would recommend them highly.

Chilly Garlic Basil Pork: This is a catch for the pork lovers. Perfect use of spice, and the right amount of basil which gave it a beautiful flavoring.

Butter Garlic Prawns: This was good but a little too bland for my taste. This would be the favorite among kids for sure. Those who like their garlic Prawns hot, pls mention to add some hot sauce to it.

Fire House Fried Chicken: This was surprisingly quite crispy from outside and juicy from inside. The best part of the dish was it’s amazing plating, the fries served with the chicken was stacked on each other as a caged box. This catched my attention the most.

Tangy potatoes: This was an average dish and could use a dash of herbs and chilly flakes to it. Baby potatoes deep fried and then tossed with some dry herbs.

Coorg Chilli Pork: This was recommended us by the FireHouse staff and it turned out to be a wise choice. Succulent chunks of pork cooked in the tangy coorgy masalas, a punch of spice and tanginess was really appreciated by me.. I went ahead and squeeze half a lime on it too.

Grilled Fish Fingers: This was again a good choice by us. The best part was the basa fish was fresh and not the freezed one. Perfectly marinated and grilled to perfection just melted in our mouth. This one was one of the most liked dish by all of us.

BBQ Buffalo Wings: This was an ordinary chicken wings which could definitely use some more of BBQ sauce as once I bite the chicken the juice was lacking for the second bite which we mentioned to the staff serving us.

Mushrooms with Olives: This dish took us by surprise, trust me, not everyone can pull up serving a simple sauteed mushrooms with olive oil with some dried herbs and green and black sliced olives. A very simple dish yet one of the best I ever had.

Half and half Pizza: As we were quite filled so we inspire of ordering different pizza, we ordered a half n half pizza which was half chicken and half veg supreme think crust pizza. Then we went ahead and asked for extra cheese one, the greedy us😂😂

Barbeque Chicken steak: This is was again very ordinary bbq chicken with some BBQ sauce served with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. This definitely could use some improvement.

Chilly Garlic Basil Fried Rice: This was again quite a good flavored rice with perfect spices and garlic and basil tossed with rice.

Kampao Chicken: We paired our fried rice with chicken in kampao sauce. They compliment each other perfectly.

I had just 2 spoons of it as I wanted to keep some desserts which we were about to order next.

Cheesecake: Blueberry cheesecake, which was ok but nothing very great but still good.

Tiramisu: I love tiramisu so I might sound a little baised here, but I loved their Tiramisu a lot. A perfectly moist and the coffee could come through perfectly. A must try at FireHouse.

Caramel Custard: It was again quite tasty but a lot too syruppy… But surprisingly the Custard was not very sweet so it complimented nicely.
It was an amazing evening with friends, chatting over drinks and food.

The service was really commandable, they were very polite and taking our feedbacks positively. Three cheers to the kitchen team as they took a lot care for the presentation of whatever they were serving. The prices are okay with respect to the quality and quantity of the food they were serving.

My personal rating for the place will be :
Location : 4.0
Ambiance : 4.5
Taste : 4.5
Pricing : 4.0
Overall : 4.3

I was very happy by the end and looking forward to visit the place again, specially during IPL matches. I believe that would be tremendous fun with friends.


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