Momo JoJo: Momolicious evening 

Momo Jojo, a new name in the food block in Bangalore, has acquired a very good reputation very soon. It’s around six months and they have already opened their third outlet.


Specializes in momos in particular and various different items as well,  very unusual combos to check out. And guess what?? All vegetarian. So, a very big shout out to all my veggie lover friends, a must visit place for all of you.

Me and few of my food blogger friends went out to check out the BTM outlet. It located in 2nd stage BTM, near Udupi Garden Signal just adjacent to McDonald’s. So it’s very easy to locate for sure.


I saw a lot of young crowd in the evening and quite a good footfall otherwise. This only talks about how good they are in whatever they are offering. This place gives you a very young and peppy look and vibes. Bright lights hanging from the ceiling, very good upbeat songs will definitely bring up the mood and then comes the hot and juicy momos, what else a soul wants.

Coming to the food we had, there are humongous options to choose from. So many combos, mix and matches and choices of how you want your momos, steamed or fried, chilly or soupy style, tandoored or sizzled. Tandoori and sizzling style are quite a hit among people.They have something called The wok maker which is another interesting option one can try.

What I tried??


Ice Tea: simple ice tea, goes well with the momos


Raw Mango Tango: A tangy mango drink for those who love some kick to there drink

A very special mention to the sauces with which the momos were served.

Red chutney: A spicy red sauce with Chillies

Green chutney: spicy coriander mint chutney

Peanut Mustard sauce: a very special kind of mustard and roasted peanuts mix sauce which was very unusual in taste but extremely yummy. The special sauce recipe from Nepal.
Filling Sampler: This is a kind of platter where I got so many filling options. All momos are steamed to perfection and the fillings we’re mix veg, seasoned potato, spicy soya, peanut butter, mushroom onion, spinach cheese corn, garlic cheese and paneer salsa. My personal favorites were spinach cheese corn and garlic cheese as I just love cheese.


Type Sampler: In this platter, I got four types of momos (2 each). Mix veg momos in steamed, pan fried, fried and chilly version. Those who love hottttt…. Should definitely have the chilly version..


Tandoori Momos: This was one of my favorite types of momo. Perfectly tandoored, hot dumplings with cheese garlic and paneer salsa feeling… I was completely blown away.


Veg Soupy Momos: A perfect hot and tangy soup with pipping hot mix veg momos dipped into it, makes it a complete meal in itself. It’s quite filling and obviously healthy.


Street Bhel Momos: A very interesting style of Momo… Giving it a Desi twist, they just rocked this one. Hot mix veg steamed momos in a chat style, garnished with onions, tomato and peanuts will take u to your chat eating fetishes.


Momo Sizzlers: We were suggested to try this Sizzlers style momos, and we just loved it. Served on a hot sizzler plate was veg fried rice topped with skewered vegetables and skewered fried momos with hot sauce on top and french fries on side. Tasty option to try for sure. Caution: it’s hot!!!


The Wok Maker: We tried two options from the menu…

Butter Garlic Noodles with Veg Kung Pao: Buttery noodles topped with hot Veg Kung Pao sauce was an excellent suggestion by our host. First we mixed the whole thing together so the sauce could also reach to the bottom. Then we all attacked it like hungry maniacs. Saucy noodles with vegetables like broccoli, carrots and bell peppers was absolutely fulfilling.


Triple Schezwan Rice with Chilly Paneer: This was a spicier option. A combination of fried rice, crispy noodles and soft veg noodles topped with spicy chilly paneer… Yummmm… And Hottttt…


Dessert: I tried a delight called Choco  Bao . Steamed Bao with gooey chocolate filling just took me to a different place. It was hot and chocolatey and I was satisfied to my core.


My personal rating for the place will be :
Location : 5.0
Ambiance : 4.0
Taste : 4.0
Pricing : 4.0
Overall : 4.3

My overall experience with Momo Jojo was an absolute delight. Having a great company of friends and whole lot of gossips over delicious momos was great. Looking forward to be there again and also try their other outlets too. I wish the whole team all the luck and success as they are doing an awesome job with the quality of food and service.

some more pics:


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