Little Italy Sarjapur : Ladies night out…

Little Italy, a vegetarian Italian paradise is a treat for the food lovers, Especially who love authentic Italian Food. Despite of being a vegetarian restaurant, it has done a wonderful job in terms of food. Me being a hard core non vegetarian, always look for non veg option when it comes to Italian, but LITTLE ITALY changed my thought process all together.

They give a lot of importance to their authenticity when it comes to deliver the best Italian in town.

Me and a group of bloggers had a ladies night out in LITTLE ITALY, Sarjapur outlet. The place is just amazing. The place is near the junction, above the FAB India store which makes it very visible and easy to locate. They have 2 floors, 1st is the indoor space with huge seating area Nd fabulous lighting. 2nd is the rooftop, to my surprise… It’s just breathtaking.. with the plants around.. long wooden tables.. lantern lighting, Nd sweet air flowing through your hair just takes to a different place. A perfect place to take your date for a romantic evening.


Coming to the food, I must that all the breads, bases, cheeses, sauces as well as the pastas are house made. They do the job themselves so they don’t have to compromise on the quality.

We were some hungry girls looking for some laughter, giggles and fun. The place itself did all the magic.

Then came the moctails. We were served some beautiful mocktails with different but unique concoctions specially made by the mixologist on the other side of the bar.

  1. Sunrise Mocktail: A very good drink to start with
  2. Pinacolada: A very beachy coconuty drink
  3. Chilli Mocktail : oh man this was spicy… Green chillies… Coriander leaves.. Nd lemon..
  4. Tamarind chilli mocktail: this one was my favorite.. perfect tanginess.. mildly hot with Tabasco sauce..
  5. Bubbly fizzy blue curacao mocktail to gulp down the food…

Promodoro Minestrone : A hearty tomato based tangy soup with the goodness of veggies like zucchini, carrots, broccoli, and many more exotic veggies with a hint of basil Nd Italian seasoning.


Vendure Crostini: It was a bruchetta topped with Tomatoes, olives and cheese. Oh I had three of them.


Nachos with cheese: Hot cheesy nachos, everyone’s favorite on the table. Hot melting dark yellow cheese with the topping of tomatoes and bell peppers.


Fungi Trifolati: This was the one which I had for the first time. They served hot toasted bun with the side of mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, garlic and herbs. Very light and very delightful.


Ceaser salad: I guess this is one of the favorite salads of all. I just loved the Parmesan cheese shavings on top of it and P.S. the cheese are in house produce which is a thumbs up to the team.


Barbaresca Pasta: A ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese, with the creamy cheesy sauce ( a combination of Bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, Parmesan and garlic. If you want a foodgasmic experience, I suggest you should definitely try this one.


Risotto Del Fattore: The sauce was different from what I’ve had earlier. They twisted it by adding a puree of red bell pepper with the cheese. It definitely gave the dish a new taste. For me the dish did not do much magic. It could be more cheesy.


Spaghetti Aglio Olio: It was really tasty but could use a bit for garlic Nd dusted cheese.


Pizzas: Coming to the pizza, I love the concept of half n half pizza. You get to taste more variety this way.

Mellino pizza n Sicilia pizza: the thin crust delight. I drizzed some chilli oil to make it flavor some.

Fantasy pizza n Rustic pizza: I loved the Sicilia pizza the most.

Now came the best part of the night, the DESSERT

Blueberry cheesecake: The cake was OK and could be better as the blueberry compote was not very appealing to me.


Chocolate Bomb: It was the hot chocolate lava cake with oozing goodness of hot chocolate served with ice cream. It was literally screaming.. Eat me… Eat me..😍😍


Tiramisu: It one of my favorite dessert of all and Little Italy did full justice to it. The aroma of Italian coffee gave me the perfect high I wanted. I give full points to that.


My personal rating for the place will be :
Location : 5.0
Ambiance : 4.5
Taste : 4.5
Pricing : 3.5
Overall : 4.3

Some more pictures..

My overall experience was very good. The prices are little on the higher side but completely worth it. AB evening well spent with the girls was definitely an amazing experience and the good quality food with excellent service was definitely a bonus. Thanks to the team of Little Italy Sarjapur for an amazing time. Thanks to Ms. Sonam and Ms. Noor for inviting me. Best of luck to the whole team. Cheers!!

Happy me




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