EMPIRE: Bannerghatta, 49th FBAB Meet.

Celebrating the 50 years of success of Empire group of Hotels, FBAB members were invited to the newest Empire Bannerghatta branch for tasting their fabulous food, some old aged recipes, some new creations on the menu. It was a great meet as there was so much wonderful food to enjoy, both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian options.

Bannerghatta’s Empire is their newest branch. The look is just amazing, very different from the previous empire’s hotels. This outlet can host around 250 guest at a time and guess what…. they have this new outdoor seating area which accommodates around 75 people. This new garden area is amazing thing to experience, gazing the moon and having beautiful conversations with friends and family is sure a pro for this joint.

Coming to the event, Empire has been serving delicious food all over Bangalore from last 50 years. With 19 outlets, it sure makes its presence felt and definitely has very strong management working like strong pillars to support the huge empire of EMPIRE. Ms. Ruhhi Singh, the Chief Marketing Officer, threw some light on how the whole system works, and how strong their organizational relationships are. They sure take care of their employees, as I came to know generation of the same family is been working with them. A guy who just started as a floor staff, worked his way upto the management and is handling one one the outlets by himself now.
Empire has its own App now, where we can enjoy the good old shawarmas and kababs on discount. Their new concept of Wonderful Wednesday is a real catch. i would suggest to try it. Its biryani @50/- or 2 shawarmas @50/-
They also have a system which is called “ Quick Action Approach ” where in they can track the orders on the tables and cater to problems like late service or any customer complain. I would say that EMPIRE is sure going Hi-Tech, which is really appreciable.

Coming to the food, there is not much to talk about as the food is just fantastic. Its a non-vegetarian dreamland. Every dish has its unique taste. The menu show cased to us was a real treat as the executive chefs had some of their own creations.
Welcome Drink, Juices :                                                                                                                                                   
Lime mint cooler – perfect minty drink to gulp down the spicy food and starters
Pina Colada – this mocktail is definitely the favorite of many. The pineapple flavor was really complimenting drink.
Kiwi Colada – this was a kind of kiwi smoothie, absolutely delicious. Must try.


Chicken Shorba – mildly spiced chicken broth, not my favorite though.
Veg Shorba – I did not try but was told by my fellow veggie bloggers that is was ok.

Veg Appetizers:
Paneer Chilly Dry – succulent chunks of paneer deep fried in batter and tossed with peppers and chillies. Good!!

Gobi Manchurian – one the favorites of every Bangalorian, and Empire sure did it well.


Babycorn Manchurian – another crispy veg starter, liked by most of us, but I didn’t have it as not a babycorn fan.


Non-Veg Appetizers:

Chilly Kebab – certainly my favorite in the lot. It’s a new creation, a must try for sure.


Chicken Kebab – this one is the oldie but the one you can trust any day. Succulent chicken morsels deep fried to perfection.


Grill Chicken – again of the famous product of empire, the non vegetarian swear by it.


Mutton Brain Dry – Honestly I tried it for the first time, just loved it.. one suggestion, eat it before it gets cold.

Prawn Ghee Roast – one of the chef’s specialties and you cant stop in one serving.


Veg Gravy:

Veg Kurma – a fabulous melody of different vegetables in a delectable Korma gravy

Palak Paneer – soft chunks of paneer in smooth buttery pureed palak gravy.

Dal Tadka – the goodsome of toor dal in a empire spl tadka… a perfect compliment to ghee rice or butter kulcha.


Non Veg Gravy:
Chicken Varaval – it’s the chefs speciality, goes well with romali roties
Mutton Kuruma – a smooth gravy with soft mutton chunks….yumm… it has slight notes of coconut which was liked by many of us, best eaten with ghee rice or coin paratha.
Hyderabadi Chicken – a famous dish at empire best enjoyed with roties, or lachha paratha.
Butter Chicken – Do I need to say anything else!! Succulent boneless chicken in buttered tomato and cashew gravy best enjoyed with coin parathas.


Breads, Biriyani and Rice:
We had a spread of romali roties, butter kulcha and coin paratha in breads. I certainly loved the coin parathas the most.

In rice, we were served with Jeera Rice, Veg Biriyani, Grill Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Raan Biriyani. I tasted the raan biryani, it was really flavorful.

In desserts we had pineapple boat, and water melon boat and something huge mixed fruit sundae.

The overall experience was wonderful and it was a pleasure to meet all the people who really work hard to give us such a wonderful culinary joy. Got to meet the Executive Chefs responsible for such beautiful creations. I am very thankful to the Team of FBAB and EMPIRE for letting me be a part of the event. I am definitely looking forward to visit the joint again with my gang specially to enjoy the food under the open space and garden surrounding. A special congratulation to the whole Team of Empire for their 50 years of success and many more to come.

Some more pics:

My personal rating for the place will be :
Location : 4.5
Ambiance : 4.5
Taste : 4.5
Pricing : 4.5
Overall : 4.5

View my food journey on Zomato!


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