My mom my first cooking teacher..

Hi there… This is Priyanka Jagaty, a food fanatic, a self learner and a food traveler.This is my very first blog and I want to dedicate it to my mother Mrs. Saudamini Jagaty. She and I have a very special relationship as any mother and daughter have in this world. But the unique thing about us is that she is the first person to make me fall in love with food. With an army background, we had an opportunity to taste cuisines of many corners of India. She being a foodie herself loved to cook and introduce me to different dishes. Today, when I talk or write about food, I feel that I’m her reflection… at least that’s what my father says.

The very first thing that my mom taught me was the fried egg with the sunny side up. Till date its my favorite comfort food. I was very particular about my fried egg and use to make annoyed faces if it got messed up in the pan or while plating and I guess I still make faces like a spoilt child if its ruined.

fried egg
Fried egg

In due course of time she taught me quick fix recipes for my sudden hunger pangs like different kinds of omelette, sandwiches, leftover paratha wraps and many more.

The best part started when she introduced me to our own traditional Odia Cuisine. She told me about the history of that dish and how she learned it from her mother or grand mother. Dishes like Dalma, Besara, Ghantaw, Khatta, Pitha o Panna.

Being a hardcore non-vegeterian my interests were more inclined towards the non-veg Odia dishes like Machha (Fish), Kukuda (chicken), Mangshaw (Mutton), Chingudi (prawns) and Kankada (Crabs) Curry, Kassa, Besara, Poda, etc.

Machhaw Jholo (Fish Curry)


I’m in love with my Odia culture and specially the kind of awesome food it has to offer. My mom has taught me some wonderful dishes and soon I’ll be sharing some of my favorite dishes’ recipes in my blog. I hope you guys would love them equally and try to eat it by cooking or trying it in some restaurants.

Happy eating !!!




4 thoughts on “My mom my first cooking teacher..

  1. Hi! Way to go Priyanka! I am a foodie and a food explorer,an odia too.I think odia food is varied and wholesome, that’s why whenever I get a chance I try to incorporate the flavors into my cooking.My friends love authentic odia food and sometimes I jazz it up a little and present it in grand ways.It works every time.Wish you luck for your endeavors!

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